[Video] Newest Nurburgring season starts spilling great chase scenes image

What we have here doesn’t look immediately like a treat because it starts as a “casual” racing chase between friends. But the players and implicated setting are the real icing on the cake.

That’s because since the Nurburgring Nordschleife allows the existence of so called Touristenfahrten (tourist day) events there are drivers who get to know the famed circuit like the back of their racing gloves. This means they can perform at the wheel of hot hatches and keep up or even overtake supercars from vibrator to vibrator. This is the case with the footage seen here, the experienced ‘Ring driver has a budget hot hatch – a Seat Leon Cupra DSG and he is complimented initially by a BMW M3 of the E46 generation. We do know the Leon has been tuned but we have no credentials yet for the Bimmer. During their joy ride they get to play around with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The latter driver seems inexperienced enough to play it safe, while the two go all out.

By the way, to explain how the Leon Cupra can withstand a mighty 911 GT3 RS we can tell you it has been massaged for 340 hp thanks to an ABT pack and the ponies have been linked to the road via a KW Clubsport 3-way adjustable suspension, with 235/40 R18 ATS GTR wheels wrapped in Dunlop Direzza tires. Stopping ideas are being handled by the Brembo brakes using PFC Performance Friction brake pads. By the way, proper experience is needed when handling the ‘Ring in a hot hatch, as drivers found out.