[VIDEO] Next-gen Renault Megane spied image

Renault has been caught testing the next generation of the Megane which will be making its debut in Frankfurt this September.

The next generation of the Renault Megane is currently being tested out and Renault has a lot to prove considering the fact that the current model is still pretty good but we are talking about a segment which includes the Opel Astra J, the Volkswagen Golf VII, the new Ford Focus and so on. The clip posted below is showing the compact model, in its five-door hatchback body style, being driven around on some Spanish roads. This prototype is wearing a full camo suit and, despite this, we can tell that it has a brand new design which is more dynamic.

Chances are its final looks will be inspired by the ones of the Clio and the new Espace. Underneath its body, the model will be making use of the CMF platform, co-developed with Nissan, and the interior design will also borrow some lines from the Espace. However, the layout will be very different and it will have nothing in common with the third-gen version, which has been introduced back in 2008. The engine lineup is expected to include the 1.2 liter and the 1.6 liter turbocharged gasoline burners, along with a revised 1.5 dCi and a 1.6 dCi, so no surprises here. The most expected version, the Renaultsport Megane, will be introduced later on. The regular vehicle will be making its public debut in September, during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Via motor.es