The first official trailer for the latest Need for Speed installment is already out, but the developer Ghost Games has now decided to introduce us to a longer glimpse of actual in-game footage, with Fast and Furious camera style and gameplay and all.

As far as we can tell, the movie franchise has become so successful it has influenced the influencers – video games, albeit we can feel a spice of Burnout in there as well. The new NFS title – as the name itself suggests – looks ready to deliver an action-oriented story instead of mindlessly racing throughout the environment. We can see an RTR Ford Mustang GT being used to snatch a Koenigsegg Regera while killing some BMW X6 Ms in the process and obliterating a huge amount of bystander cars. In case you think Fast and Furious is the pinnacle of movie making and NFS of video games, this is the stuff of dreams for sure. There are even direct references – a girl jumps on a truck after previously coming out on the Mustang’s hood. Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) did exactly that in the fourth installment of the F&F franchise.

[Video] NFS Payback title is like E3 became a Fast and Furious affair 4

Aside from these culturally shabby references, the NFS title is still a game, so it features five separate car classes (race, drift, off-road, drag, and runner) and you’ll be able to “find” abandoned cars all over the map. Personalization is as always a big deal here – you can enhance power and looks. Payback is coming on November 10 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. It’s also going to be featured in the battle of the game console titans – being confirmed for both the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X.


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