[Video] Nio releases full on-board video of EP9’s record breaking Nurburgring lap image

Amid controversy surrounding Lamborghini Huracan Performante’s new production car record on the Nurburgring, electric startup Nio has released a full onboard video of its EP9 record-breaking attempt.

You can now watch the full lap of the electric hypercar that ended with a 7:05 record time – the best for a production electric car. The feat was attempted last November and is actually better than benchmarks set by some performance aces that make use of an internal combustion engine, such as the Nissan GTR and Dodge Viper ACR. We also told you about the Shanghai-based startup’s EP9 beign able to lap the Circuit of the Americas in Texas all by itself. And this is both very spooky and awesome – we know Audi has a very capable autonomous car that can tackle racetracks as well, maybe they’ll have a showdown some time.

[Video] Nio releases full on-board video of EP9’s record breaking Nurburgring lap 2

Back to the Nurburgring feat, this was most certainly done with a driver on board, as footage from the seven-minute lap around the Nurburgring shows. The EP9 was capable of the achievement thanks to its four electric motors that generate a total of 1,341 horsepower – each has its own gearbox, and all of them at once make way for a 60 mph sprint in 2.7 seconds, 124 mph in 7.1 seconds, and a maximum speed of 195. By the way, check out how calm the driver is when the EP9 blasts down Döttinger Höhe at speeds close to 200 mph – great driver and most likely superbly composed car.