Have you prepared your credit cards for the upcoming Black Friday experience? Regulars know an integral part of the process is the mandatory mall visit to fight for the discounted products.

But what if you’re an automotive aficionado? Well in that case you probably know that ordering on the Internet from the smartphone is the latest trend and the mall story is old news. Or it isn’t? In the latter case appear to believe both Nissan and Hoonigan, which have decided to team up for an epic mall drifting video. Yeey – here’s a great way to celebrate Black Friday. The shoot took place at the abandoned Hawthorne Mall outside Los Angeles, with the men behind the wheel being two-time Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck – they both opted for the 1000 bhp (745 kW) Nissan 370Z’s that bode well with the crumbling building. We’re not treated to the usual stellar video quality but we may forgive them since the latest equipment is still waiting them in the stores with Black Friday discounts slapped on – and it may also have to do with the filming being done using 360° cameras – which do compensate by delivering a never before seen live action sequence exploration.

By the way, you should also take notice at the sequence where Forsberg drifts the back of his car (Furious 7 style) on a ledge above a 30-foot drop. “I knew I could mentally block out the drop, however my biggest concern was the surface. The conditions were dusty and underneath all of that was polished concrete,” commented the driver, who was also able to perform the stunt in just one take.



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