We’re honestly not going to be writing any more about the Nissan GT-R quarter mile drag strip world record anymore after this piece – the record keeps falling so quickly we’re afraid it might get obsolete even as we’re writing.

Just a week after Ekanoo Racing took home the win, AMS Performance from the United States brought it back home with the Alpha G which posted a 7.14-second pass. The former record holders – Bahrain-based Ekanoo – used a 2, 000 horsepower stock-chassis GT-R, setting a quarter-mile world record of 7.168 seconds at a trap speed of 209.05 miles per hour (336.44 kilometers per hour). But mere days after, Chicago, Illinois aftermarket specialist AMS Performance bested it by almost three hundreths of a second with its 2,500 hp (1,865 kW) stock-chassis GT-R, nicknamed Alpha G. The car ran the distance in an incredible 7.14 seconds, at 212.28 mph (341.63 km/h) on the dragstrip in Milan, Michigan.

Just before the world record it already had a run of 7.22 – the fastest by a GT-R in the United States. AMS is actually a specialist in GT-R records, being the ones that first broke the nine, eight, and seven second thresholds. And they’re in a fierce competition with Ekanoo to be the first to lower the time to the six second range. Amazingly, Alpha G’s driver and owner, Gidi Chambi, went back to the pits thinking his run was a bit “slow” – and his reaction is certainly priceless when he sees the ticket with the record-breaking time.



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