[Video] Nissan GT-R/C is a remote-controlled supercar for gaming fans image

Here’s an unprecedented level of graphics quality – don’t get fooled, though, it hasn’t been achieved with a computer or console, it’s the habitual reality, where everything feels solid to the touch.

The Playstation devotees are all the rage about the upcoming introduction of the latest Gran Turismo title – the GT Sport – but they all have to bow in the face of reality. That’s because Nissan decided to trespass the line between video game and real life… by fitting its stunning GT-R supercar with all the needed elements that allow control via a standard DualShock 4 controller taken from Sony’s Playstation 4 video game console. This unique supercar has four robots in charge of steering, accelerating, and braking the car as well as operating the transmission – all based on the signals received from the standard-spec controller.

World-first gaming controller operated Nissan GT-R achieves 130+mph run around Silverstone

The robots are just as fast as the supercar – they receive inputs from six computers sitting in the back of the GT-R that update the controls up to an amazing 100 times per second. Nissan even managed to get the remote-controlled machine operational via wireless signal at a distance of one kilometer. Nismo athlete and GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough took the new Godzilla – the GT-R /C at Silverstone where the robotized performance coupe was driven at speeds up to 130 mph (211 kph) and averaged 76 mph (122 kph). He even lapped the track – the best achievement was 1 minute and 17.47 seconds – all while he also had to cope with the fact he was flying over the track in a helicopter.