The Nissan Leaf managed to set a new record for being the fastest vehicle traveling in reverse during this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

After announcing just last week that the Nissan Leaf will attempt to break the reverse record at Goodwood, the Japanese based automaker is once again entering our news, this time by announcing that the record has been broken by the electric vehicle. According to the car manufacturer, the odd task has been performed by Terry Grant, a professional stunt driver, who had to steer the Leaf backwards during the famous Goodwood hillclimb.

“I had a great car at my disposal – with direct drive from the electric motor to its wheels, the Nissan LEAF can, in theory, go as fast backwards as it can forwards. There were times I wasn’t sure I was coming or going. However, thanks to the LEAF’s low center of gravity – the batteries are an integral part of the car’s floor – the car is extremely stable, no matter which direction it’s travelling. The only complaint I have is the slight neck ache from constantly looking over my shoulder”, said Terry Grant after driving the Nissan Leaf in reverse.

The Nissan Leaf has set the record on Friday, which was the opening day of the Goodwood Festival of Sped, and on Saturday and Sunday, Terry Grant managed to cut 26 seconds off Friday’s time. The Nissan Leaf has been driven on the Goodwood hillclimb in reverse for over a mile (1.6 km) in 1m 37.02s and the average speed was 55 mph (88.5 km/h).


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