[VIDEO] Nissan Project 370Z unveiled image

Nissan has recently pulled the wraps off its latest creation, a one-off 2013 370Z coupe which was named the Project 370Z.

According to the Japanese based automaker, Nissan has collaborated with its Facebook followers for this project and it managed to bring several cosmetic and performance changes to the so-called Project 370Z. Nissan says that in the first part of the program, the Project 370Z came with an installed Greddy turbocharger kit on the 3.7 liter V7 engine which is powering the coupe, bringing the total output to 500 horsepower compared to the standard 332 HP. In the same stage 1, the company has fitted a Greddy Ti-C catback exhaust,, a KW coilover suspension and a StopTech braking system.

The car manufacturer has brought several changes to the Project 370Z in stage 2 and this includes a new steering wheel, a new gear shifter, different gauges, reupholstered door panels, Recaro sport seats and a fresh set of VOLK 19-inch alloy wheels, along with a new color for the car, a matte grey. Nissan says that it doesn’t have any plans to put this one-off vehicle on sale and it won’t produce it either, but, then again, that’s what they said about the Juke-R too.