The Japanese automaker – coming from a home base that is well used to dealing with such issues – has created a video to showcase an additional benefit of turning to an electric vehicle.

As it turns out, the EVs are making the world more resilient in case of emergency situations. We know very well – hopefully not from firsthand experience – that a disaster can kill fuel and electricity supply. But in most cases the electricity is the first to be returned – meaning EVs would not be hunkered down by internal combustion vehicles who are stuck at crowded gas stations. In addition, more and more EVs will be able to give back some of the energy they have on storage – when dealing with second generation vehicles.

The AC outlet and also now more advanced DC output (like CHAdeMO V2H or V2G devices) are being enabled to power the home or even the grid. Nissan will soon be having a very good and handy Leaf – the second generation coming out this September is expected to arrive with a 60-kWh battery pack in a bid to match the likes of Chevrolet’s Bolt and the upcoming Tesla Model 3 in terms of range. The first public outing might happen this fall during the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.


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