With a completely new design with more angular elements rather than the bulbous ones of the previous generation, the second installment of the Leaf all-electric is also shaping up as the technology calling card for the Japanese automaker.

The second-generation Leaf is coming quickly – an event in Tokyo in September has been set up as the official inauguration date, and the brand is looking to entice us before that with the second official teaser for the electric compact. This time around we’re not being treated to a glimpse of the exterior – we last saw its LED headlights – but instead we see the Leaf being equipped (hopefully as standard) with a digital instrument cluster. More importantly, the producer has also included an Easter Egg in the form of the vehicle travelling at 95 km/h, which is 59 mph, with the ProPilot semi-autonomous driving system engaged.

[Video] Nissan teases 2018 Leaf with digital gauges, ProPilot 2

The odometer is also depicting 225.5 kilometers – and that might be implying the car can go for at least 140 miles on a full charge even with the most basic setup. The 2018 Nissan Leaf is also rumored to switch to battery pack options, with Kazuo Yajima, the automaker’s global director of electric vehicle and HEV technology indicating a 60 kWh version with even better prospects of 215 to 250 miles (346 to 410 kilometers). The ProPilot is trickling across the range – first the Japanese Serena had it, now the Qashqai and X-Trail coming out refreshed will use it since sometime next year.


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