[Video] Nitro or supercharger – Chevrolet Corvette drag races itself in ZR1 vs. Z06 fight image

The racing community has not forgotten how crucial for the Corvette was the last generation C6 model – especially if we take into consideration models that make a good impression both on the track and on the street as an everyday ride.

Besides having tuned units that can deliver in excess of 2, 000 hp and sign off your will and testimony once you go behind the wheel, the more interesting models are the ones that can be taken during the weekend to the track and during the week to work. One such case is a couple of Corvettes that have embarked in a brotherly brawl on an airfield and decided to showcase the best products of the aforementioned C6 generation. On one side we have the grey ZR1 ‘Vette, which has been mildly touched by expert tuning hands to have the supercharger assembly dialed to a total output of 780 hp.

On the other side we have a black Z06, which has been enhanced with nitrous – unleashing the monster lying dormant inside the 7-liter LS7 under the hood and pushing the sports car to the brink of 1,000 hp. The pair decided to have a safe environment to exhibit their prowess – and we’re always supportive of such decisions. The Arkansas County Airport was the chosen venue and before you jump to any conclusions take notice the power levels have been declared by the owners themselves – so we’re taking them with a healthy dose of distrust. Anyways, the American battle is as American as it gets and we’re inviting you to have the look at it to see if you can spot the winner before the cars start their run.

Via High Tech Corvette