[Video] Nokian Tyres-equipped BMW driven by Finnish stuntman is the fastest side wheelie car in the world image

A new, absolutely crazy Guinness World Record has been achieved recently – the quickest two-wheeled side wheelie was performed at no less than 115.742 miles per hour (186.269 kilometers per hour).

We’re pretty much used to all kinds of cool stuff – but this one has had us both laughing and grinning at the ingenuity of man when faced with crazy ideas – the challenge was hard enough they had to include bulletproof tires in order to pull it through. This is because tires have always been the limiting factor in side wheelie record attempts for both speed and distance – since just the sidewalls of the tires are in contact with the asphalt. But Finnish stunt driver Vesa Kivimaki turned to Finnish winter tire specialist Nokian because the company uses a synthetic fiber called Aramid in the construction of some of its tires – which is very strong and heat-resistant – and even used in ballistic composites and as a substitute for asbestos.


So the company decided to create a tire specifically for this world record attempt. “We need to try new things and test our limits. Only this will allow us to develop safer, more durable tires in the future, ” commented Nokian’s Matti Morri. The validation of the record needed a run each way over a 100 meter (328 feet) course, completed within an hour – and the previous record was of 112.62 mph (181.25 km/h), set by Swedish driver Goran Eliason, since way back in 1997.