You don’t need to be a passionate engineer to know the Huracan Performante would have never been Lamborghini’s breakthrough model that posted a new lap record on the Nurburgring without spectacular perks such as the ALA.

We’re talking about the company’s new Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva (ALA) active aerodynamic system – which is of course not the only trick in the book. But the Italian automaker decided to explain how the supercar performs, offering an interesting demonstration about the high-tech system. On the Huracán Performante, ALA gets two active aero elements. The first one is embedded within the front end, while the other works with the airflow going over the rear wing. When drivers want maximum speed, the system will set these movable pieces to low drag mode. When the driver brakes, they will move again to increase downforce.

[Video] Not just for geeks – Lamborghini explains Huracan’s Performante active aero 7

But the interesting thing is they don’t simply work towards on and off positions – because they also help the cornering capabilities. During turns, they will move to increase the downforce on the inner wheels entering the turn for higher traction. Naturally, in addition to the ALA aero system there are also other neat high-tech tricks – for example the Forged Composite carbon fiber, which was first seen on the Sesto Elemento.


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