[Video] Not just for laughs: Ferrari 458 Speciale comes with Minions-inspired theme image

We’re approaching the launch of the Star Wars’ VIIth episode, so it’s easy to forget how extensive the Minions-movie PR and marketing campaign was – but here’s a reminder.

We’re not sure if the Minons fever caught up in your area – though there are high chances that it did, as the PR and marketing guys and gals pretty much targeted anything, from pens to… supercars? Ok, we’re pretty sure the latter one is not an officially-sanctioned move. They should have thought of that though, since the Minions-covered Speciale is obviously an attention magnet and makes for a practically surreal Prancing Horse unit. One that gets all smiling and then in tears after it disappears so fast thanks to the 605 HP under the hood. The Maranello creation goes away to town with this power thanks to the naturally aspirated 4.5-liter V8 that will equally mesmerize your ears after the Minions-theme wrap caught your visual attention.

By the way, tucking under the hood of the mid-engined coupe some 605 hp out of 4,497cc is something for the world records book as the highest specific power output in the atmospheric engine segment. The Speciale is also one truly “special” ride – as it appeared at the very end of an era in the life of the Italian manufacturer – Ferrari is saying goodbye to naturally aspirated powertrains and welcomes turbos, long time chairman Luca di Montezemolo took his leave and the company has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange on its way to becoming an independent automaker.

Via statesidesupercars