[VIDEO] Nurburgring car crash update image

One of the most expensive amateur car crashes that took place on the Nurburgring just a few days ago continues to end up on the news and it wasn’t too long until a video that captured the aftermath of the crash was uploaded to YouTube.

Initial police reports said that the accident which involved eight cars, including the BMW M3 Ring Taxi, was caused by a British driver who came in too fast in a section called the “Bergwerk”, and the car became unstable after the driver tried to brake. The vehicle ended up on the grass but after 50 meters it came back on the road where it crashed into two other cars.

According to the initial reports, the BMW M3 Ring Taxi didn’t notice the other cars were braking and continued the race at high speed but when its driver realized what happened ahead it was too late.

Because the safety regulations were not being followed at the time of the crash, it’s been estimated that the damages were around 150.000 euros.

At the 9:55 mark of the video we arrive at the scene of the initial crash and the BMW M3 Ring Taxi was caught by the camera at 10:32.

You can watch the video below.