This is the craziest and fastest A3 sedan and as we can tell from the way the camouflage is arranged, the model is sporting the mid-life cycle facelift changes as well – such as the LED ring around the headlight. Anyways, the RS3 sedan has been full of leaks so we’re not really interested in the design – which is going to be the usual Audi copy and paste thing. We’re eagerly awaiting the TT RS and this RS3 sedan to see if Audi has managed to retain its driving edge – and there are numerous expectations towards both topping out the RS3 hatchback.

The quattro system is expected to become even more tail-biased, but it’s clear the driver still needs old-school tricks to get the rear happier – so we thing Ford Focus RS’ position is not threatened here. Instead, it will become blazing fast – launch control with twin-clutch gearbox and 400 horsepower will get you M5 credentials. Anyhow, the US automaker is keen to secure its leadership position over the hot hatch segment and the AMG and RS3 models will be met with the RS500 limited series. Here’s to big battles coming ahead.



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