[Video] Nurburgring chase between Porsche Cayman and VW Polo GTI ends with crash image

If you’ve seen our accounts of the people enjoying the Nurburgring and other world famous circuits that are open to the public, you’ll be familiar with the track aficionados that like to hunt the unfamiliar, even if the latter pack seriously more power under the hood.

For example, there are numerous people out there on YouTube revealing their passion for the ‘Ring, meaning they spent a huge amount of hours (and money) going up and down the famed circuit. This is the case with the Polo GTI driver, who shows he knows his way around the circuit. Actually, he fits the usual pattern – a tuned front wheel drive hot hatch that takes on mightier sports and even super cars. For example, there’s Megane RS successfully putting up with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS PDK and a Ferrari 458 Speciale. Unfortunately the Ring adventure we have here – complete with footage – ends up taking a toll on the driver that is being chased, as he crashes the ride.

The situation here is we have a tuned Polo GTI and a first generation Porsche Cayman that also looks to have been touched by specialists. The mid-engined Zuffenhausen ride passes its lower-specked group counterpart on a straight and afterwards the latter’s driver decides to stay with the Porsche no matter what, tracking it easily thanks to the Gulf livery. The Porsche driver manages to put some considerable distance between them but after getting rid of the electronic helpers he loses the rear on a downhill right hand turn just ahead of Wehrseifen.