[Video] Nurburgring crash takes another hot-hatch toll – a Honda Civic Type R image

Since the speed limits have been lifted on the famed Nurburgring racetrack we made a habit of bringing you the latest crashes as well – which now typically involve a rollover and a hot-hatch.

The Civic Type R is not only a hot hatch but it’s also a very cool car – but that hasn’t stopped the laws of physics from taking their own toll. There are numerous Civic Type R’s that have been tried and tested on the Nordschleife – and some even suffered damage there. But the owner of the model here won’t be able to hide the mishap – it went through a total loss crash and rollover during the first day of May. We have lots of crashes from the Nurburgring because the German track has opened its usual amateur season – you go there, pay the fee and go all crazy like the motorsport experts. However, some of the drivers forget that the latter category is also prone to crashing – so you might do some safety training before indulging yourself in some ‘Ring laps.

In the video we can see the Type R was out of control. Taking the corner slightly sideways, then hitting the grass – by the way the corner is infamous for the lift-off oversteer inducing crest where the rear goes light. It usually takes it toll among front wheel drive models, for example you can check on YouTube Megane Schwedenkreuz to see similar incidents. The Civic Type R then impacts the protective barrier on its left side sending it into the air, rolling multiple times before landing on the roof. Other drivers proved solidarity is a go, with a Golf R, a Clio RS 200 and a Colt CZT stopping by the side of the track to check the driver.

Via EMS Nordschleife TV