[Video] Nurburgring records could fall, the Koenigsegg One:1 is hard at work image

We know of the rumors that pegged the Swedish boutique manufacturer looking to break the lap record of the Nurburgring Nordschleife with its One:1 “megacar”, and now here’s the video proof.

The testing has been confirmed by the company itself, though they refrained from actually saying they’re looking to break down the record every time they’re out on the track. Instead, they said they’re out polishing their megacar and if – and only if – the conditions are right, they will also go for a lap record. The lap taken for reference was established way back in 2013 by Porsche – when a 918 Spyder took down the reference on the Green Hell to just six minutes and 57 seconds. By the way, there’s an even better time to consider – established back in 2009 by the Radical SR8 LM (six minutes, 48 seconds), but that one doesn’t count because the model isn’t street legal.

Currently, the Swedish automaker is letting its factory driver – Robert Serwanski – loose on the Nurburgring, but the attempt may involve another driver – one that knows the ‘Ring like the back of his pocket. By the way, the Koenigsegg hypercar will remain in stock configuration for the attempt – except for the addition of a roll cage, in case things go wrong. For the time being, the team looks to be testing various aerodynamic and suspension settings to make sure everything is in tune with the fantastic German track.