The production run of the astonishing Bugatti Veyron is officially over but the owners nevertheless will not rest until their units will be the best of the best.

In order to do that, we know some “regular” Veyrons have turned on the factory’s premises for some SS refitting – but as we all know they can also resort to the aftermarket community. It’s no easy feat to have a Veyron on your hands and modify it, but British aftermarket developer Oakley Design appears to have what it takes for the task. Their project was first announced last year and had the right premises – switch the standard to a carbon fiber body and up the ante on the power level to 1,600 hp. The work is done and we can see the result – though the tuner hasn’t actually delivered on the premise. That’s because the model has only lost 50 kg (110 lbs) and gained almost 200 hp. That’s because the innards of the W16 powerhouse have not been touched – instead the ECU remap was done by JF Automotive. Meanwhile, we do get some exposed carbon and the chance to see some high-quality work – although the styling changes are all on the flashy side of the arena.

By the way, the owner of this Veyron is registered in Dubai – which makes us realize it couldn’t be done in a non-flashy way – especially considering the man’s other tuned supercar work is a Lamborghini Aventador that has managed to mix the worst of the Liberty Walk, Tron and Chrome packs in one go. At least his 1,145 hp and 1,580 Nm (1,106 lb-ft) Veyron has a chance to make up for that – the new body with all of its carbon bells and whistles have been tested in the MIRA wind tunnel for optimal aerodynamic performance.


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