[Video] Ode to naturally-aspirated joy, this is the compilation swan song for Ferrari’s 458 icon image

This might be your ultimate Ferrari 458 compilation if you’re a hardcore fan of naturally-aspirated V8 engines – a dying breed in today’s range-oriented world.

Ferrari has opted to retire altogether the 458 moniker by presenting the 488 GTB – which is in all earnest not a new generation, but the mid life cycle update of the former. But the supercar scene is pretty much exploding these days so the Italian brand decided that a major change in powertrain philosophy will also warrant a name change. They were right, with their new turbocharged V8 taking home the International Engine of the Year title, but there are still numerous fans of the classic, naturally-aspirated V8 predecessor.

So, we decided to look up the marvelous internet for the ode to joy for the 458 model. And since this is easily a fan favorite among Ferraristi, we can tell you we didn’t have to look too much. You’ll see there are numerous 458 moments in the footage below, from well known moments such as the Betsafe car creating donuts at the 2015 Gumball Rally finish to your very stock 458 acceleration amusement in a tunnel.

While the model is not without its flaws, of course, as any modern car, we can rest assured it’s destined to become a motoring icon. While the Speciale is of course the hardcore version to go to for track thrills, our most special 458 is of course the Spider – there’s simply no excuse not to drop the top and enjoy the scenery, the road and the marvelous V8 sound.