The second Lamborghini off-roader, the Urus, is not here in production form yet, but it seems a Huracan owner is preparing for its arrival with an unintentional off-road escapade during Targa Tasmania.

The owner in question is actually pet nutrition tycoon Tony Queen, who decided to test the qualities of his Lamborghini while participating in the Targa Tasmania Rally. The Australian event saw the Scottish-born car lover, who is a resident there nowadays, jumping in the bushes alongside co-driver Naomi Tillett – and he then treated his car as if it were the aforementioned Urus, plowing his way through the gravel embankment. It appears the flat belly helped avert damage from debris and the Raging Bull carried on with the race – at the time of the incident more than half of the course was left undone. He also explained in a little stand-up comedy show how a small debate with the co-pilot made him deliberately go off-roading, while also giving his supercar driver afterthoughts on the rest of the mundane driving world.

The Targa Tasmania has been around the Australian mainland for more than two decades by now, and Quinn has been a regular visitor – taking home the win twice, back in 2009 and 2011 at the wheel of a Nissan GT-R. And now that the rally has been completed, we know the hooning had its merits – Queen and Tillett took a class victory during the event.



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