[Video] Only in Russia: BMW M4 crazy drifts past Moscow police image

Reckless driving got to a whole new level in this clip where a crazy BMW M4 driver is shown drifting its way around Moscow police – delivering the ubiquitous question: hero or stupid?

This one falls in the category don’t do this at home, and you can actually obey the “rule” since it needs to be done on the street. Let’s start this – the BMW M4 is one serious machine that will always live at the bleeding edge of lawlessness – and it’s easy to understand way given the credentials. But the Germans created the model in a civilized world – you can use the M4 as a daily driver without breaking a sweat and then you can hone your skills on the track at the end of the day or week for obvious safety reasons. Yeah, take Russia and all this gets blown to pieces.

The description says the stunts were staged and they had permission from the police – but somehow we highly doubt that. In some of the shots it seems regular traffic surrounds them and the police officers seem to be making the signs for the driver to pull over and they just get ignored. These “skills” have been displayed over and over again on the Internet, mostly ending up with crashes. We saw our fair share of skilled drifting coming from Russian drivers – and this one knows what he’s doing – but we’re still not condoning such types of behavior. Just imagine a kid runs off in the middle of the street after a ball while the reckless driver is taunting the police…