[VIDEO] Opel Ampera is the 2012 Car of the Year in Denmark image

The eco-friendly Opel Ampera, which is actually the European version of the Chevrolet Volt, has managed to change the way people look at cars in Denmark and has just been named the local 2012 Car of the Year, after defeating vehicles like the Ford Focus, Kia Picanto, BMW 1-Series or Opel Zafira.

The Opel Ampera has received with the respected national award, presented by MKD (Motorjournalisternes Klub Danmark), which has praised the vehicle for its successful marriage between an electric and petrol driven car.

The Opel Ampera got the first place with 131 points, being followed by the BMW 1-Series with 88 and Ford Focus with 86 points. The fourth place hosted the Kia Picanto with 78 points while the Opel Zafira has caught the fifth place with its 67 points.

The new Opel Ampera is powered by a 150 HP electric motor which is delivering 370 Nm of torque and the motor draws its power from a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery, working in conjunction with a gas-fueled engine.

The Opel Ampera can be bought in Europe for 42.900 EUR and even if Denmark is offering tax incentives of up to 20.588 EUR, electric vehicle sales were just 283 in the first half of the year.