[VIDEO] Opel Astra Copacabana goes official on April Fools’ Day image

Opel has rolled out the first video, images and details on the new so-called Astra Copacabana, just in time for this year’s April Fools’ Day.

If you care to attend the 2014 World Cup in Brazil than Opel has got you covered with this new Astra Copacabana. The model in question is dedicated to all football fans out there who are willing to sit inside a car which has a horn with samba or vuvuzela tones, with real grass upholstery form the Maracana stadium and who can see all the live matches on the infotainment display system.

Don’t forget the sand from the Copacabana beaches which has replaced the usual floor mats, the crushed ice machine or the alcohol free Caipirinha dispenser, for those hot summer days. The exterior design of the car has some “dancing lines” and palm trees on it. Power to the Opel Astra Copacabana is being provided by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline burner, which is producing a total output of 200 HP (147 kW). Prices for the model in question have been set at 24,444.44 but don’t go to your local dealership to place an order, just yet.