[VIDEO] Opel detailing the Driver Safety Systems in the new Astra K image

Opel has released a video in which details about the driver assistance systems in the brand new Astra are being highlighted.

In case you have been looking to find out some more details on the safety assistance systems in the new Opel Astra generation, you have come to the right place because the German based automaker has released a video in which some new details on the topic can be found. Opel says that there is the improved Opel Eye front camera system which has more processing power, the capability to use navigation data and an increased detection rate.

The Traffic Sign Assist system now has better detection thanks to these and it is also displaying the current speed limit, helping drivers on unfamiliar roads. The Following Distance Indication can also be equipped on the new Astra. This is using the front camera to calculate the distance between the Astra and the vehicle in front of it, displaying a green car symbol if the following is made at a legal distance. When coming to close to it, the Headway Alert function is activated and the symbol will turn amber.

The Opel Astra K is also getting the Lane Departure Warning systems with the Lane Keep Assist function which is gently turning the steering wheel if the driver is drifting out of his lane, unintentionally. The Lane Keep Assist is said to function at speeds between 60 km/h and 180 km/h, preventing accidents. There is also a Forward Collision Alert with Collision Mitigation Braking on the new compact vehicle, warning the driver if a front-end collision is imminent and if the driver will fail to respond, the vehicle will brake itself, automatically.