[Video] Opel shares second teaser for incoming GT Concept image

Opel has decided it was time for another teaser of its upcoming GT Concept, meaning we get a very short video with some footage of the model – though don’t expect too much of a reveal.

The German automaker promised a while back it would deliver another short preview of its GT Concept – which is scheduled for the worldwide public unveiling in front f the audience at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show this March. Of course, Opel is not inclined to spoil the surprise and has not indulged in the latest craze of revealing everything in the trailer video – though the tagline “Opel is reinventing itself!” could be the one that actually gives away the most information. In the footage below we get to glimpse the front end of the vehicle – which is most likely going to serve as a preview for the future design cues that should be used across the range of the German automaker that is looking to shed years of financial losses.

The GT Concept in itself is going to be a true sports car with massive wheels, muscular arches and dynamic lights that encompass the LED daytime running lights. We also took heed of the GT badging on the lower front bumper. Opel also shared with us an official picture that showcases a dual exhaust setup sporting the GT lettering between the two end pipes. The company said the GT Concept will be “more than just a sports car” – also delivering “a look at the innovative design from Opel,” as the carmaker has decided to stage its own reinvention.

[Video] Opel shares second teaser for incoming GT Concept 0