Pagani has always been an exquisite exotic supercar destination – and the Zonda, while old by auto industry standards, is still one fabulous ride. One that makes people film it and then lose their head and crash it… apparently.

One of the supercars got this unfortunate glory – while driving in Punta del Este, Uruguay, somebody filming it was too absorbed by the sighting that he caused a wreck. The clip even shows us the story from two different angles – first off we see it from the truck sitting behind the Zonda F that eventually hits the back of the supercar. The video the changes view to a different vehicle on the side on a different lane for a little more context.

The owner of the Zonda told the media outlets he was doing about 37 miles per hour (60 kilometers per hour) at the time of the accident – the car in front suddenly stopped due to heavy traffic and the truck behind the supercar didn’t react in time, maybe because they were busy filming and marveling at the exotic apparition. There were no injuries and the Zonda had rather superficial damage: all four of the high-mounted exhaust outlets were bent and the carbon fiber in the rear bumper was cracked. Apparently Gomez added that Pagani himself called him to work out the details of the repair.



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