[Video] Panasonic has thought about the cabin of the future in time for CES image

Not only automakers but also suppliers – just look at Bosch as well – have decided they can imagine the future of autonomous mobility, with the Japanese from Panasonic also joining the party at CES.

Panasonic, an important supplier for the auto industry (think Tesla Gigafactory) has also decided to envision the cabin of the future – an autonomous future that is. We have also seen at the 2017 CES demonstrations on the same subject from BMW or Bosch, and the Japanese technology firm’s take on the subject has been nicknamed the Autonomous Cabin Concept. It discusses the cabin based on the assumption that self-driving cars will be mainstream in the near future, and the cockpit is now a social place to spend time with friends and family.


Its main feature is the Panasonic Connected Interactive Table – one large, 4K-resolution tablet is available for each occupant and they can even be combined to form an even bigger interactive screen. And yes, they can be used for playing digital board games. It will also be useful when detecting certain “smart” objects. For example, when someone puts a cup on the screen, the system automatically moves information out of the way – and using a magic ring can also allow occupants to adjust the cabin temperature, control a film, or change the cabin’s ambient lighting, among others. The Autonomous Cabin Concept is also embedded with augmented reality windows that can react to the environment. And what appears to be wood it’s actually Panasonic’s special plastic – a backlit material that also supports touch controls, so it can be either a source of info or a simple piece of trim.