[Video] Parody clip takes the shame to Audi, Porsche and Lexus, but places Tesla on top image

Billionaire entrepreneur and Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk will surely smile at the sight of this fan-made video depicting the ongoing and future status of the electric vehicle industry.

We already know that parody videos can go bonkers in terms of graphical depiction – and it appears automakers have the same type of fanatical supporters as, let’s say football teams. One of the companies that has been adopted in a type of cult following by the fan base is Tesla Motors – the youngest publicly traded US automaker. There were once fierce rivalries like the one between Mercedes, BMW and Audi, but it appears that Tesla is the same game changer in this particular department as well. And the Palo-Alto luxury electric automaker isn’t taking sides in this rivalry, but instead it apparently set out to wage war – in fan minds – against every other manufacturer.

The video has chosen as the default rivals Audi, Porsche and Lexus – with all three on the Moon to spear the surface with the US flag – which is odd to say the least since none of them is American. What comes next is more than graphical and as such we’re warning you for gore and violence, so proceed at your own psychological risk. Anyways, as a small spoiler, we’re still wondering who will Tesla be regarded as good for the automotive industry if it gets depicted as a massive Alien monster?!