[VIDEO] Pedal powered Hyundai Azera image

After Top Gear UK presented a few seasons back and a few years ago the pedal powered version of a Porsche 911, Hyundai’s turn just came up and the vehicle came to life through a marketing campaign, being used to attract everyone’s attention.

The Chinese division of Hyundai decided to leave away complex marketing campaigns and in order to attract attention to their new Azera, they decided to make a pedal powered version of it and unleash it on the streets. The vehicle was received with “warmth”, as you can see from the video below and this seems to be the world’s cheapest and also one of the best marketing campaigns in the automotive industry.

The pedal powered Azera came to life with a tubular chassis and some plastic sheets, along with Styrofoam and Vinyl, and the creation has been let lose, but that’s a good thing in this case and the vehicle was appreciated by the public.

We would really like the pedal powered version of the Azera, think about weekends when everyone is in parks riding their bicycles and you go by them in your quiet “car”. Pretty nice.

You can watch the video below. Enjoy!