[Video] Pennzoil “exoriceses” the Demon with its oils image

Pennzoil is that brand of automotive oil that everyone knows but doesn’t necessarily come up first when searching for replacement fluid for your car – but they’re also known among motoring fans for their short but extremely sweet auto action flicks.

Dodge also seems to be a popular choice for the company’s short action videos – they recently paid homage to the Viper in an opposite-lock farewell tribute as the supercar rolled through the streets of Miami in a daytime sprint. This time we’re dealing with the gritty Pittsburgh night, and the star is the latest halo car from FCA – the 840-horsepower drag strip monster of a Dodge Demon. But fear not, there’s plenty of sideways action going on, proving the Demon can easily go sideways too.

Naturally, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was tempered by an “angel” – drifting and rallycross star Rhys Millen. The flick is appropriately called Exorcising the Demon, and while it kicks off at a church there’s no need to concern yourself with a plot – it’s an unleashed 840-horsepower Challenger playing in blocked-off streets, so lots of fun has been had while filming. By the way, stay tuned until the end to see a slight hint or maybe an Easter Egg – a German-esque “text message” is wondering if the driver is any good in the ring… maybe the Green Hell?