[Video] People have driven the one millionth Porsche 911 image

The milestone example is actually Porsche’s forever – it won’t be sold and will of course find its rightful place in the company’s heritage museum.

Porsche decided to show its appreciation to the people of Stuttgart where the one-millionth 911 was manufactured by allowing 11 people – surely you didn’t thing they would allow 911 of them – to have a go inside the anniversary example. We appreciate more the fact they didn’t solicit the help of a celebrity of some sorts – instead normal people were asked to drive the #1,000,000 car on the streets of Stuttgart. Produced since way back in 1963, the 911 is the ubiquitous Porsche even after the Macan and Cayanne took over as the top selling models.

Built in Zuffenhausen like any other 911, this unique Carrera S will honor its 54-year-old ancestor and start a world tour covering everything from the United States and the Nürburgring to the Scottish Highlands and China. Meanwhile, the current 911 generation will most likely see an evolution before the end of next year or early 2019 via the new 992 series. In addition, Porsche is making sure the future will see its brand, with a billion euro investment into the production of the series version of the Mission E electric concept.