[Video] Petter Solberg is a fake 82-year old pranking Mercedes technicians image

Staged or not, having a professional racing driver disguised to perform a prank on an unsuspecting passenger will be a pun that may never grow old. Yep, we’re praising that sense of panic that ensues as the car performs in wonderful, frightening ways.

If it’s a staged prank, the case in point here is taking things seriously upstage with the effort to make it look veridical – both to the viewers and to the pranked people. The setup is nimble and simple: we have a crazy old man in his 80s that has more money than sense (and probably hot 20-something blonde wife looking to assassinate him and run off with the gardener and fortune) and chose to buy a Mercedes-AMG C63 S. To be sure the prank doesn’t perspire, they selected the T Modell – meaning the station wagon. The old man has pulled to the side of the road in a precarious manner, afraid of moving on because of a noise in the back heard with the hearing aid device. The victims – the mechanics that should deliver the solution to the driver’s problems.

But the catch is under the clever makeup sits Norwegian World Rally Championship winner Petter Solberg – which comes fresh from a second title as WRX (World Rallycross Championship) king at the wheel of a PSRX Citroën DS3 Supercar. He creeps at the mechanics and invites them inside, where they have to take off their shoes ($100,000 car, remember?!) and watch him move very unsure on the sidewalk. You can imagine what ensues afterwards, with the moderately senile old man thrashing the C63 around and freaking the bejesus out of the mechanics. By the way, take a look at Solberg’s acting skills – he’s in for the whole ride and will not give away anything.