[VIDEO] Pink Ferrari 599 GTO found in Dubai image

After the abandoned Ferraris or Acura NSXs found on the streets of Dubai, with their owners probably going bankrupt and leaving the country, this story is about the same part of the Middle East, only now we’re not talking about cars filled with dust and the main role is owned by the 599 GTO painted in matte pink.

The supercar in question is not owned, as you probably think, by the wife or mistress of an Arab sheik and it’s actually driven and owned by the Arab sheik.

Judging by the Ferrari’s plates, the owner is a member of the Royal Al-Thani family of Qatar, so if you have a message for him and his pink car you can write it below.

This matte pink supercar is presented in other places as being a playboy’s ride but it’s nothing more than a camel and its owner obviously has something in common with the animal: his brain.

You can watch the short video below courtesy of Youtube.