[Video] Police officer’s Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility carefully explained image

We’re rooting for you to have never seen the inside of a police car in real life – because that makes you a good guy – but if you’re curious (like us) to see what’s featured in there, there’s a very safe way to find all about it.

You don’t need to commit any felonies if you want to see the interior of a police car – this walkthrough video is providing an in-depth look at the cabin of a Ford Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility. As you already figured it out, the cabin has a plethora of equipment necessary for everyday tasks, including a laptop, dashcam, radar, and a barcode scanner to verify a driver’s license. The laptop is linked to a printer that issues the tickets on the spot and there are also numerous buttons and switches to control the siren and lights. If you thought your car’s inside is packing stuff, then take a look here.

Besides the aforementioned kit, the inside of the police car also has a ton of other stuff – medical kit, a breathalyzer, ballistic vest, and additional magazines of bullets for the on-board rifle and shotgun. Of course, the Explorer’s back seat is reserved for the bad guys and they can be monitored at all times by a camera mounted up high. Additionally, the seatbelts buckle up on the outside for safety reasons, so the police officer doesn’t have to reach over them. The trunk is also filled with useful items: 300-foot tape measure, fire extinguisher, a rain jacket, a box filled with plastic gloves, and a bunch of tools. There’s even more: meth test kit, spare paper for the printer, some crime scene tape, gas mask, flares, PR-24 baton, pry bar, and other miscellaneous items.