The Pontiac brand has been axed for years but that won’t stop you from snatching a brand new Tran Am if that’s your wish.

That’s because you can even have one that has received the Ok! from the “Bandit” star burt Reynolds. That’s courtesy of the fan guys over at Trans Am Depot, which have been delivering new Screaming Chickens for years. Underneath actually sits the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro actually and now we also have a brand new Trans Am that pays tribute to the famous black and gold unit that was used in Reynolds’ 1977 hit movie Smokey and the Bandit. Dubbed the Trans Am SE Bandit Edition, the model is a limited series that will span just 77 units (year of the movie and model year of the car itself) – and Trans Am Depot has had Reynolds involved in the design and development and each example will be approved using his signature.

All cars will be using a genuine t-top roof and a General Motors Company small-block V8 that has been massaged to give anyone a run for its money since it delivers no less than 840 horsepower. Numerous design alterations make the donor car be unrecognizable and instead refer to the styling of the ’77 Trans Am –with the mandatory big bird of course slapped on the hood. Pricing is not going to be a breeze though, at around $115,000, though the deal might be sweetened because it includes the donor Camaro.

Via Trans Am Depot


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