[VIDEO] Porsche 911 Turbo crashed in a river image

Owning a supercar before you even turned 30 years old is like owning a bear when you are a baby. Sure, it might be fun; you show it to your friends, take a ride in it, girls love you more but when you look away for a second it will jump on you and bite your head. But this isn’t even the best example for this supercar crash because the “bear didn’t eat the owner, it ate” the owner’s best friend, because he was driving it.

What an interesting way to put a friendship to the test, lend your Porsche 911 Turbo to your 29-year old friend. According to the reports, the 24-year old owner of the 911 turbo let his friend drive the Porsche and he jumped in the Rhine River. The recovery mission took two attempts and 20 minutes but the supercar looks pretty good after spending a few days with the fishes.

You can watch the video below. Enjoy!