While not long ago drifting was a sport that attracted a niche audience, now the sideways action has been popularized enough that we can call it a form of automotive art.

Case in point, the footage embedded below is a good example of our use of the term. This is a 911 GT3 RS from the 997.1 generation that simply can’t call any differently its filmed adventures. The setting is also a well established runway – and we’re giving kudos to the driver for performing the tricks under a controlled environment. We’re talking about the lovely Willow Springs Raceway, where the Zuffenhausen machine that was tweaked and twisted at home to make sure it goes as fast as a bat out for a night hunt was put through its paces. The GT3 RS also has some customizations on it – most importantly we’re talking about the addition of the sequential transmission.

Although it has been tuned, the 911 GT3 RS lacks the standard amenities that are usually found in drift machines – there’s no hydraulic handbrake and especially no extreme-angle steering setup. The latter might have helped a bit, but the handbrake is actually superfluous since we’re talking about a rear-engine, rear wheel drive setup. The driver also knows what he’s doing – just make sure you spot the cross-legged clutch hit and you’ll figure it out.


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