[Video] Porsche and Mark Webber team up for cool safety clip image

How about driving a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup on the track and texting at the same time? It could be a life-breaking deal unless you’re Mark Webber and you’re actually doing this for a safety commercial.

Actually it could be a life-threatening situation in any car when driving on public roads – as even the Formula One guy decided to pull the stunt on a racetrack where safety is one of the most important assets. And Porsche decided to pull up its sleeves and use its racing pedigree to support the anti-texting campaign community – mixing circuits with texting in an effort to promote safe driving. Since we have a video of the ad we’ll let you pass final judgment but we can also say we’re supportive of any such efforts. Porsche has been hard at work delivering a cult like status to its factory race car driver and Le Mans winner Mark Webber for quite some time and the Australian was of course center point during this new campaign.

Clad in Formula One and endurance racing experience, Mark looks pro enough to handle both duties – roar on the race track and also pay attention to the smartphone of choice – a Porsche Design Blackberry. In German style – all the players are carefully knitted into the story – including Mark’s life partner and manager Ann Neal – and be sure to watch this video carefully to catch all the little “Easter eggs”, such as the unofficial involvement of the potential mother in law.