Porsche factory driver Patrick Long has seemingly completed his duties in the driver’s training course video series, with the final installment now out to see the instructor take the 911 R on an historic Tour de France Automobile stage.

We saw the initial episode, we saw what was in between and we also saw how the “trainees” – called amateurs in the series, were more than it meets the eye. Now Long has taken the 911 R on the 55 corners and 2300 feet of elevation change over the course of 7.5 miles to show us all how the proper car can easily deliver a good time. Of course the proper car is Porsche’s sold out 911 R, the back to basics sports car featuring the three main ingredients of the house – naturally-aspirated flat-six engine, racing-oriented suspension and a manual transmission. Yes, this is the driver’s take on the 911 GT3. The model is of course costing an arm and a leg and only 991 units have been made.

Now the last video of the series takes the two amateurs on one of the original stages of the Tour de France Automobile, a race snatched by Gerard Larrousse while manning the original 911 R. The two pupils are allowed to put into practice what they learned over the course of the series, with Long instructing them – from the comfort of a helicopter – on each specific corner. And at the end the teacher also spends some time at the wheel, so just watch the entire video below.



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