[VIDEO] Porsche Boxter used as taxi in Thailand image

Even though it might come as a surprise, or even a shock, to Porsche lovers and owners, the Boxter model is used as a taxi in Thailand.

While people in New York travel with Ford Transit Connect or Nissan NV2000 taxis, a Porsche Boxter in Thailand has been turned into a Yellow Cab.

The 202.000 US dollar supercar caught instant attention as it raced through the streets of Thailand, turning a dream into reality for most of its clients.

As most new Porsches don’t even see the other side of the garage door and their owners treating them as if they were made from gold, the Boxter taxi is living its life right on the edge attracting curious eyes and most of the cameras anywhere it goes.

You are probably asking who can turn a 200.000 dollar supercar into a taxi in an Asian country. Well it’s not a matter of “whom” in this case because the Boxter is being used as a marketing strategy by Samsung for its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S II.

This is not the first time a company uses this strategy and a Norwegian cell operator did something similar with an EVO 9 from Mitsubishi.