[VIDEO] Porsche Cajun named the Macan – enters production in 2013 image

Porsche has recently announced that their new crossover, known as the Cajun, will be named the Macan, and the model will enter production in 2013.

According to the German based automaker, the Porsche Macan, previously known as the Cajun, will enter production next year, and the model should combine the sports car characteristics with all the benefits of an SUV designed by Porsche. The “Macan” name is an Indonesian word which means “tiger”.

“The Macan combines all sports car characteristics with the beenfits of an SU and it’s a genuie Porsche. The name of a new Porsche has to fit with the brand, sound good in very many languages and dialects and evoke positive associations”, said the company’s executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, Bernhard Maier.

The Porsche Macan is expected to follow the success of its bigger brother, the Cayenne, and production of the new crossover will begin in the company’s Leipzig plant, in 2013. Porsche will invest 500 million euros in its German facility in order to develop the new Macan model and this will represent one of the biggest projects in the company’s history. 1,000 jobs will be added at the Leipzig factory once the Porsche Macan will start production.