[Video] Porsche Classic gives you the option to fit new brake drums on your 356 image

Believe it or not, some collectors will stop at nothing to keep their classic car original – even paying $8,500 for a set of new brake drums that fit like the original the Porsche 356, even though for that money you could buy a second-hand car altogether.

But that’s besides the point – seriously have you seen the prices for a pristine Porsche 356, the investment is clearly worthwhile. After all, Porsche Classic’s existence is dedicated to owners of vintage models of the company, helping them keep their prized possessions up and running. Their latest idea was to restart production for the brake drums of the 356A and 356B. Of course, Porsche Classic makes its replacement parts to modern standards, so it’s natural to charge an arm and a leg in the process.

And with such pricey components, you can understand how restoring a classic car can take you into bankruptcy. On the other hand, if that classic car is an air-cooled Porsche you’re actually standing for a profit – the values for the company’s vintage models are permanently soaring. In addition, the 356 has proven quite resilient over time – with reports of people using some as their daily drivers for decades… and counting.