[Video] Porsche cleverly hid the Boxster prototype inside the 911 image

Here’s a crash course of beautiful Porsche history – with a secret revealed about the times when the German sports car manufacturer was just that – the maker of the 911 sports car.

In today’s world of luxury SUVs and sedans, if you’re not old enough or familiar with bits of Porsche history, you would think that the Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart manufacturer was always about SUVs and sedans like the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera.

The truth is – and this is a good example of it, the company survived for many years relying on the good ol’ 911 sports car – in all its declinations. Porsche has even released a video to remind us of that era, revealing in it how they secretly stashed a Boxster prototype inside the body of a 911 Targa Turbo.

Porsche Museum’s Chief of Archive, Dieter Landenberger, explains that today’s Boxster/Cayman duo, which feature mid-engined bodies, was a novel idea in the day, and one that needed to be kept secret from the prying eyes of rival engineers.

So, in order to conceal their intentions, they specifically retrofitted a 911 Targa Turbo body, which from a superficial look had retained the usual 911 image, but actually featured a reshaped rear spoiler and a blacked out rear window that was designed to hide the mid-engine setup. We all know the outcome, introduced in 1996 the Boxster helped the company stay afloat and was an instant sales success.