The facelifted 911 series is being promoted in an interesting way by Porsche – through a “hologram print ad” that makes use of a tablet and a prism.

Porsche joined forces with ad agency Cramer-Krasselt to create this quirky promotional stunt and in order to properly view it you’ll need (of course) a tablet and the Fast Company’s April issue that comes bundled with a prism. After the latter is assembled it need to be placed on top the tablet while it’s running the ad of the video from The focus of the 911 ad is to bestow “a feeling of intrigue and curiosity” on the viewer – said chief creative officer Marshall Ross at Cramer-Krasselt. By the way, if viewing it sounds complicated the same can be said about the creation process.

That’s because the video had to be modified to insure a nice and crisp look while the prism also needed careful development to makes sure it would remain usable after the printing and shipping process. According to Adweek 150,000 prisms have been produced – 50,000 of them manufactured from acetate and bundled with the magazine sent to a select group of the magazine’s subscribers. The rest were made out of glass and will be sent via direct mail.



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