[Video] Porsche, Le Mans driver, car sharing… what can go wrong? image

Ok, this smells like shawarma… sorry, advertising stunt, but we still indulge in this start your week with a smile video – where a Panamera and some unsuspecting “victims” get to see something else.

The first idea about ride-sharing that springs to mind certainly has nothing to do with a Porsche Panamera Turbo, especially if you were expecting something like a Peugeot and the driver also wears Porsche branded attire. We’re certainly not going to do a proper investigation to find out if Porsche filmed real people or actors because the end product is amusing and… healthy to watch. Just take a look at the elderly couple being braver than Braveheart…

[Video] Porsche, Le Mans driver, car sharing… what can go wrong 1

Anyways, the guy sitting behind the wheel of this ride share is none other than professional racing driver Romain Dumas – the same one with the elegant list of endurance racing achievements that include four 24 Hours of Nurburgring victories, and two overall wins in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That particular bit is also referenced here – because the eternal Paris traffic jam interrupts the passengers’ ride and the driver decides to take a detour that includes the iconic French track… oh, hell, we’re not even going to think this is staged, it’s too much fun.