[Video] Porsche outs second driving lesson on board the 911 R image

Porsche factory driver Patrick Long, one of the few privileged people that seems to have had unrestricted authorized access to the driving-enthusiast 911 R, is back with the second leg of the manufacturer’s instructional episodes.

Making use of the 911 R as few people will ever be able to, Long decides to have some enthusiasts (those lucky…) drivne to Porsche’sWeissach Development Center in Germany to teach them a thing or two about… g-forces. Long starts the instructional series’ second installment with a word or two about understeer – which is when a car’s front slips out of control – and oversteer – which is when the rear becomes very happy and acting all out. And in popular Porsche fashion, this short video also compresses the illustrations of the two terms in a way that even blonde nuns will understand.

The video then talks about the ways the PSM, Porsche Stability Management, the brand’s advanced electronic stability control system can help you correct the car’s trajectory. And at the very last, we do get what we’ve been waiting for – the 911 R thrashing its tires around a closed circuit. This is Porsche’s return to classic lightweight mechanical prowess, with the 911 R reborn (as a GT3 RS using a manual transmission and without some of the aero kit’s pieces) during the Geneva Motor Show but already out of reach since all units have already been spoken for. By the way, if you haven’t seen it already, you should definitely check out Lesson One.