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The company that has become legendary ever since it started manufacturing cars back in 1948 with the introduction of the original 356, Porsche, has also had loads of concepts along the way.

The Stuttgart-based company has now decided to create a video depicting what they think are their best examples in a Top Five. First off we have the Typ 754 T7 that hearkens back to 1959 – it was the foundation for the first generation 911 and the similarities between them are quite obvious. Jump through time to 1988, and you’ll see the Panamera was a slow-cooking idea – it was that year that Porsche first came up with a design for a four-door sports car. After the 989 concept’s creation, it was just a matter of 21 years of passing time before the plan was put in motion with the introduction of the first-generation Panamera.

[Video] Porsche presents its best-ever concepts 4

Next up is a very interesting concept – the Cayenne Cabriolet from 2002 – this is actually the very first time the prototype is being showcased to the general audience. It’s an oddball just like the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet and it certainly doesn’t look the part like the Range Rover Evoque Convertible does. The second place concept is the 918 Spyder concept from 2010 – and frankly this one needs no presentation. The final concept in the video is the striking Mission E – and we’re certainly hoping the all-electric sedan coming in 2019 will look the part.